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Ad #12262 1955 Chevrolet 2nd Series Pickup – $37,000.00

Vehicle Specifics

8 Cylinder
Chevrolet 2nd Series Pickup
Two Door
Fuel Type:
Exterior Color:
Drive Type:
2 wheel drive

Vehicle Description

Show quality "Portafino Blue" resto-mod 1955 Chevy 2nd series pickup. Pushing 440 horsepower from a Chevy 350 4-bolt block .030 speed pro 383 stroker kit with a Holley 600 CFM carburetor. Engine has a 9.7:1 compression ratio with flat-top pistons ground to zero and micropolished. Has crank GM index, 882 1975 Corvette heads, Crane cam (#100052), RU660 valve springs and 817 lifters. True dual Borla exhaust and stainless steel piping, 3-inch headers to chambers. Exhaust is aggressive and beefy, but will not shred your ear drums out if you are just idling or cruising, awakens from a nice hum to a raspy full roar you push the pedal into the carpet. Electronic cooling instead of mechanical, migrated battery, brake master cylinder and reservoir, and oil cooler are also features to note, cleaning up the engine bay.
Away from the engine and under the frame is a Chevrolet Nova front clip, and Nova rear end with a 2.79:1 ratio. Power steering and brakes with front disks and rear drums. Easily driveable with a single finger if you dare, does not feel like a truck at all!
Away from mechanics, this model also has the wide rear window. Visibility from every angle while driving. Custom embroidered designs with Chevrolet logos in the roof, on the steps, and a crafty "Fifty-five" bow-tie sits above the bed in the back. Paint color matches all interior colors as well. Completely aftermarket dash gauges and digital radio (you can put anything you want in it) with custom sound system are also other fun features to note.
Lastly, there is beautiful low-profile LED lighting in the rear with inverted teardrops on the wheel wells, a light bar in the center below the tailgate, and unique circular plugs that also function with brakes and turn signals in the bed rails. It's ready to go as-is!

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