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Ad #2652 1950 Chevrolet 3100 – $42,500.00

Vehicle Specifics

8 Cylinder
Chevrolet 3100
Two Door
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Vehicle Description

There are just too many details to put in here...I will GLADLY answer all calls on the details of this truly GREAT Hot Rod ...I've had it to 147 and it was still pulling hard ...It handles just as a 98 Vette does at speed and gets 22 MPG on the highway @ 75 MPH with the climate control on ...It has won a trophy at every event it has been entered in ...The best was the GM Performance Divisions award for "Best Engineered GM" at the St Ignace MI show last year against 800 + other great cars from GM Performance Divisions Engineers...I will drive it as far as Chicago for you to see and drive this exceptional Hot Rod...Candy Apple Red with the nicest True Fire 4 color flames you've seen !...If you want to be the center of attention wherever you go ...This truck will do it like no other you've had ...And I've had 70-80 very nice ones before ...It is all STOCK 98 Vette front to back ...Truly an amazing vehicle
Above Added: Fri March 18, 2011, 4:12 pm EST
Chevy 1950 3100 Custom modified Pickup built on a COMPLETE '98 Vette chassis ...The
> whole chassis ...When you look under it looks the SAME as a '98
> vette...It's ALL there ...The wiring for the truck is ALL '98 vette
> ...It ALL works as it did in the vette ...When you open the doors ,the
> int lights come on ...when you shut it the lights remain on for 30
> seconds and then fade ...JUST as the '98 vette ...The door hinges
> ,handles and latches in and out have been incorporated so when you
> close the doors it SOUNDS like the '98 vette door closing ...The gas
> door is in the stock vette door position that is fitted into the
> fender on the truck and releases with a button on the stock console
> that works as the vette ...It has a manual cable release behind the dr
> seat JUST like the vette ...Notice the Vette mirrors on it ...they too
> all work as stock ...When you drive it down the road at 20 or 150
> ...It rides and handles as the '98 vette ...IT IS A '98 VETTE with a
> 50 Chevy mounted to the vette chassis with the COMPLETE '98 vette
> interior that ALL works as in the vette ...It will run coast to coast
> ALL DAY LONG ...It has ALL new calipers ,rotors,pads and stainless
> lines,Bilstein HD gas shocks all around ...Hotchkiss Sport Susp sway bars ...I just put on 2008 ZO 6
> wheels with run flat Goodyears with the tire pressure sensors that
> work as in the vette...You can take it to ANY Chevy dealer for
> diagnosis and repair as the '98 Vette ................If it heats to
> 220 idling with the A/C on...the fans come on and it comes down to 202 in 2 minutes ...ALL
> DAY LONG while blowing cold A/C at idle ...It is TRULY a one of a kind
> DEPENDABLE vehicle that no one else has...The cruise control works as
> stock ...It wins at every event it has been entered into ...I just
> won General Motors Performance Divisions award for "Best
> Custom/Modified GM Vehicle" at the 2010 St Ignace MI car show against
> 800 + other very nice cars...(Pic Included) from the Performance
> Divisions Design Engineeer Craig Shantz...(586-575-5075).......I've owned 70 - 80 Rods in my life ...But this one does it ALL in SPADES ...I've put 6000 miles + on it going to shows as far as 1100 miles away and never had a problem ...Email or call for more details or pics ...

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